Advantages of Nano-Flow air purifiers


THE ONLY AIR PURIFIER on the Czech market with confirmed effectiveness AGAINST VIRUSES

The effective photocatalytic destruction of viruses is in principles described in peer-reviewed literature and is supported by a number of experiments.
In the case of our product, the virucidal function of the LED UVA illuminated TiO2 surface on metal panels inside the air purifier was confirmed by a study conducted by the National Health Institute – Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology. This is the system inside all NanoFlow air purifiers.
The study proved an antiviral effect after just 1 hour and a virucidal effect after 3 hours of LED UVA light exposure.


LOWERING the risk of AEROSOL transfer and possible VIRAL INTAKE and safe for use AROUND PEOPLE without the need to ventilate the area

An absolutely crucial advantage of our technology is that it can function in public areas populated with lots of people 24 hours a day. Unlike UVC lamps or ozonisers after the use of which it is necessary to ventilate the area for several hours, our technology can work in a continuous mode and lower the risk of viral infection by aerosol at all times. Lowering the potential virus concentration in the air is essential with respect to the severity of the potential illness after acquiring COVID-19. Continual purification of the air is key for all public spaces.

Even wearing a face mask won’t stop viral transfer via aerosol; transfer of the virus can occur when the infected person is only breathing and not talking. The latest research by institutions such as WHO shows that the virus can survive in deposited aerosols on surfaces for a couple of hours. This leads to the conclusion that it is essential to clean the air in a continuous mode. The air purifier therefore lowers the probability of spreading the virus as well as the amount of the potential infection. UVC lamps and ozonisers cannot stop the transfer and can be switched on only when public areas are empty of people (i.e. when they are closed). Infection through aerosol is now considered even more dangerous than infection through surfaces.


DESTRUCTION, not just CAPTURE of viruses, and on a scale of NANOMETRES

Most air cleaners on the market capture pollutants using physical filters. With regard to this point, it is crucial to mention the following facts.
First, when using filters it is necessary to replace them, which increases operational costs by up to hundreds of dollars a year. If the filters are not replaced regularly, they will become saturated and stuck and become a source of pollution and microbial growth. The air purifier thus pollutes its surroundings.
Second, even the best filters on the market are only capable of capturing particles larger than 0.3 micrometres. This means that the current air purifiers are incapable of capturing coronavirus, because the virus is much smaller, measuring only about 0.050 to 0.140 micrometres.



The absence of physical filters has yet another great advantage, which is that unlike all other air cleaners, there are no extra maintenance costs. The impurities are destroyed on a molecular level and the final product is simply CO2 and H2O.

With this in mind, it is obvious that you don’t have to spend money on replacing filters. Our product consumes minimal electricity (around 5 cents a day) and the operating costs are the lowest possible. Since the coating is not consumed during the photocatalytic reaction the expected longevity of our products is superior.



As mentioned above, the greatest advantage of NanoAirCleaner air purifiers when compared to other air cleaners is their confirmed efficiency against viruses. NanoAirCleaner air purifiers are also effective against all other impurities such as bacteria, moulds, acari, dust particles and allergens. In general, it is true that air cleaners improve air quality and help prevent asthma, for instance. However, only photocatalytic-based air purifiers can also reduce carcinogenic gases like formaldehyde, toluene and NOx.



It is worth noting that RETAP s.r.o. is not the only manufacturer to use photocatalysts in its air cleaners. However, only RETAP uses photocatalysis as the main and sufficient solution. The others use a set of filters and these cleaners need more energy to send the air through them, which increases energy consumption and noise. RETAP, in its NanoAirCleaner product can enlarge the area of the surface coated with photocatalyst and in a sense, that is how RETAP can increase its effectivity. It is important to make sure that the quality coating definitely comes from our factory. Be sure to check, as fake products can be harmful to use.


Zero OZONE production

There is a common argument against photocatalytic-based air cleaners that ozone is created as a side product. We have consulted with researchers in the field and have been assured that ozone is formed in the case of ozonisers (a different kind of technology). Our air purifiers produce no ozone.


DESIGN and ANTIBACTERIAL surface of our air purifiers

Our air-cleaning solution is revolutionary not just in technology but also in design. NanoAirCleaner offers an alternative look; unlike typical white goods, the core is encapsulated in a natural-looking covering such as wood, glass or stainless steel. Our air cleaner is a perfect match for modern interiors and will form a harmonious part of the interior rather than being yet another plastic box.


INNOVATIVE approach regarding air cleaning - PORTABLE or CONFERENCE TABLE model

NanoAirCleaner’s products are innovative not just in their technology but in their entire concept. Our customers can now choose between different designs as well as a wall-mounted version. There is also a portable luggage-style type, glass and stainless steel or one with a magnetic white board intended for education centres like schools.


CZECH product and know-how

The air purifier market is saturated and fragmented. This means that new companies are still entering the market and there are no major players. The biggest players are big brands such as Philips, Xiaomi, Rowenta, Dyson, Sencor and Sharp. How is it even possible for a small Czech company to succeed?

The Czech Republic is a world leader in nanotechnologies, which are at the core of the manufacture of our photocatalytic-based air purifiers. Nanoaircleaner air cleaners were developed with the help of the best Czech scientists in the field. TiO2 photocatalyst is applied to metal panels in the form of a nanoparticulate film. This coating is applied in several steps at various temperatures and thicknesses, so it has the desired properties. 

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